Thursday, January 21, 2016

This is the new official KMT website!

It was time for a change, the old site was getting too bulky and I was having to do all the updates by code, so this will be the new official site for Kenny MacKenzie Trio etc... If you are looking for Seven Octaves, that'll take a few weeks longer. I will post the domain name here when it's established.

Thank you for visiting! I'll be updating and adding to this site more often now that I can see what I'm doing! If you want to stay informed, follow this blog.

Warm regards! - Kenny

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Where in the world is...

L-R: John Pellegrino, Ray Guiser, KM, Steve Prince
Photo: Charlie Boyer, Jazz-Blues Florida

Just a brief hello to catch up here on the blog, and to announce some upcoming performances!

"Where Have U Been?" Well, I've been a bit choosey about performances lately, whether or not there's a piano, or at least a crowd that listens, what the parking is like haha. A few highlights from 2014 were the superb Winter Park Sidewalk Arts Festival (with Barry Smith and the late, great, dear person Don Waldrop), The New Smyrna Beach Jazz Festival (in the Ray Guiser Quartet, pictured) and our 2nd Jazz Vespers at St. Cyprians in St. Augustine (with John Pellegrino - bass and Ray Winer - drums). Also hit the new jazz club 727 here in Palm Coast, with delightful Linda Cole as well as the trio. That club has since hit hard times and pared down to duos and lower pay. Keep your fingers crossed!

2014 also saw the release of my 5th album in the electronic genre, under the moniker Seven Octaves. It is by far the jazziest electronic album I've done (and coincidentally, also the best!) If you think you might be interested in that - you can hear a few tracks over on my Soundcloud page; my remake of "Do You Wanna Dance" being the jazziest of the 3 that are currently posted there. Oh yeah - I sing a little on this one...

Coming up in 2015 - the trio has been invited back to this year's Winter Park Sidewalk Arts Festival; hands down the most professionally run festival I've been a part of. That's the weekend of March 20-22. Not sure which day/time we're doing, yet. Another highlight will be our appearance in the Romanza Festival in St. Augustine. That date is Monday May 11th at 7:00pm.

Yes, a new album is always in the back of my mind. Logistics and affordability are the key issues. I'm a 'where there's a will...' kinda guy as well as a believer in God's great benevolence... when the time is right it will happen. Hopefully soon! Special thanks to the radio stations & djs that continue to include me in their playlists.

Thank you for including me in your life's soundtrack. Happy New Year! - Kenny

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Just a quick post on my activities, since there's been no post since May. Apologies for being a poor blogger!

I've definitely enjoyed the hiatus from gigs this year, although I have done a few, including the New Smyrna Jazz Festival last week in the Ray Guiser Quartet. There are a few more in November, listed on the home page. I continue to play in a band called the Blue Notes every Wednesday for a dance down here - a lot of fun with excellent song selections; and we are by far the jazziest dance band down here. ;)

Radio show is going great!! (WFCF 88.5 St. Augustine) Again - too much fun! I love being exposed to artists I've overlooked as well as new jazz. It's all pretty vast, and a bit overwhelming, but I absorb what I can; dj-ing is a blast; and I love the various contact from listeners who can hardly contain themselves, sometimes. Jazz inspires!

The podcast has taken a break after 27 episodes, but I think we're coming back in November. Lots of work, but I'm happy with the results.

Once a month I'm releasing an electronic number (as Seven Octaves) for the rest of this year, free to download. Some of them will make it onto a new full-length. You can hear them easily on the Seven Octaves home page.

And finally, if you missed it, the trio put out "Rekeb" earlier this summer! You can hear/buy it on the updated home page, and there are new live selections on the Listen page, featuring Ray Parker on bass and Matt Kane on drums. New jazz works will be forthcoming, as the opportunities arise. Thank you for your support and for stopping by! - Kenny

Sunday, May 19, 2013

New Single!

In a short while I'll be releasing a new jazz single. It's a track I was saving for the next album, and felt now was a good time. Just got the master back today, and now dealing with the old artwork problem... I've found a drawing I love - waiting for word from the artist. Thinking about maybe doing a Kickstarter thing for the next cd. We'll see what happens! - Kenny

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Site spritz-up and the low-down...

KMT live in Jacksonville August 2012

Hello! Hope you are all doing well & have survived Sandy, Nemo, Q & all the other rascals that've torn through lately! I've been a neglectful blogger, for sure. I'm on a bit of a performing hiatus, as well, taking gigs here and there, but not really doing the trio thing just now. We'll see what Spring/Summer have in store!

Meanwhile - I've a bus-load of mov & wav files to sort through and make somethin' out of. While poking through them today, I found an odd gig at Jazzland where only the first 3 songs were recorded - so I mastered them & they are up on the listen page.

In addition - the home page has been tidied up some, and since I'm "on vacation", there's a list of a bunch of the social networks where you can find me, if you so choose. I'm not often on Pinterest or Last Fm, but they're up there anyway - you never know. I'm always on Facebook - if you friend me, maybe message and introduce yourself - "Hi I like your band" or "Hey wassup - I stalk jazz musicians..." - whatever!

Just trying to keep it fun! Thanks for stopping by - Kenny

Thursday, January 3, 2013

First Podcast for 2013


Happy New Year to all! Hope you had a good holiday season - mine was splendid. Quiet at home, just the way I dig it. Lots of new jazz acquisitions, a turntable, new walking shoes and an always bright outlook. Jazz album sales were up 23% in 2011. Can't wait to see how 2012 did! Above is the latest Palm Coast Jazz podcast that I produce & co-host. Variety and stellar performances by familiar names and names you will want to know more about. Hope you enjoy it!  - Kenny

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Cool Shot

What a day on July 30, 1972
(click to enlarge)

Photo by K'Abe. I'm really taken by this image on the inside gatefold of the album "CTI Summer Jazz at the Hollywood Bowl". I think it pretty much tells it's own story - but what an assemblage of musicians on a July day in LA. The size here doesn't do it justice - but there are a few interesting things to notice. To the left of Ron Carter is a little boy sitting in a chair. Not sure whose it is, but one would think he's sitting somewhere near his Dad so either Ron, Jack or Grover. Imagine the energy, sounds and feelings he must have been experiencing! Also, on the right - Deodato is leaning over the shoulder of Johnny Hammond, whatever he's doing/saying has caught the attention of Airto, Jack, Ron, Grover and the boy. About to listen to this one now :) - Kenny