Friday, February 10, 2012

New Gigs - Old Gigs

We had the time of our lives on Jan 28th at Jazzland in Jacksonville. The place draws a special audience who are respectful & attentive, and who contribute to the music simply with love and enjoyment. Still waiting on some photos from that gig, no audio was recorded. Too bad - it was an A-game night; with new arrangements and some songs we hadn't played before live - "Surely" and "Sky Blue". The third set we played the "Kind of Blue" album in it's entirety!

Tomorrow night we're at a new venue here in my home town of Palm Coast, FL - the Three Dogs Grille - another new joint dedicated to jazz; looking forward! We'll be playing lots of Monk, like we did back in September at Le Crepe en Haut in Ormond Beach (now closed). Below is a new video from that evening.

Over on the Listen Page there is a set of music in the player from a gig at Arthur's Tavern in November 2003 with Lieven Venken and Mike Bates. A real groovin' night - the "Blue 'n Boogie" is one of my all-time favorites for the way it ends; I also love how Michael brings his own brand of improv to the table. Lots of fine empathy going on and Lieven is highly imaginative and brilliant as always. A little anecdote - at one point during the 1st set I had the boys start "Blue and Green" without me, so I could run out and put quarters in the parking meters. Those NYC meter cops were relentless! I think I paid more in tickets than I ever made at the club. Worth every penny for the memories & the musical moments. - KM

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