Saturday, June 30, 2012

more classical eye candy

Two more classical album covers that are unusual in a cool way; from my recent 'great acquisition'. The first is circa 1967 on RCA with the pink label - on 'dynaflex' (aka seriously floppy vinyl). The second is from 1976 on London, but no info on the painting is given.

Album cover painting by Barron Storey
painter not listed on jacket...

Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Admiral's Jazz

I've recently come to experience that the adage "when it rains it pours" can sometimes go in a positive direction. I recently relayed how I acquired roughly 600 vinyl albums for $20; a collection I shall henceforth refer to as the 'great acquisition'. It has it's flaws, with a previous owner heavy on the magic marker, and a good portion of the music being classical - the least tolerable music for snaps and crackles. I've hardly put a dent in it as far as (cleaning and) listening goes, but I've certainly enjoyed myself.

I've also recently been performing in a 5 piece band that plays a weekly dance attended by senior citizens. The leader of that band, and a real good guy, is a former Rear Admiral of the Navy who, as it turns out, has in common with me an ear for good composition (imnsho) and likes jazz.

Long story short - one day he brought me to his car, opened the trunk and there was a banker's box full of pristine jazz vinyl. Turns out his wife wants him to clean house a bit, so I am now the proud owner of an immaculately kept (of course!) and pleasantly varied collection of piano and saxophone jazz (my friend is a trumpet player). Oscar, Zoot, Stan, Dave McKenna, Art Tatum & lots more, a handful are of significant value. Again - I've hardly scratched the surface listening thus far.

I've had some poor health the last few months - I'm feeling better now, but I'm thankful to God for these unusual blessings that have been like a warm tonic to my soul, and for the ones that are yet to come! - KM

Below is "Moonlight in Vermont" originally from the album "Reflections" pictured above.