Saturday, November 17, 2012

Cool Shot

What a day on July 30, 1972
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Photo by K'Abe. I'm really taken by this image on the inside gatefold of the album "CTI Summer Jazz at the Hollywood Bowl". I think it pretty much tells it's own story - but what an assemblage of musicians on a July day in LA. The size here doesn't do it justice - but there are a few interesting things to notice. To the left of Ron Carter is a little boy sitting in a chair. Not sure whose it is, but one would think he's sitting somewhere near his Dad so either Ron, Jack or Grover. Imagine the energy, sounds and feelings he must have been experiencing! Also, on the right - Deodato is leaning over the shoulder of Johnny Hammond, whatever he's doing/saying has caught the attention of Airto, Jack, Ron, Grover and the boy. About to listen to this one now :) - Kenny

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