Sunday, February 24, 2013

Site spritz-up and the low-down...

KMT live in Jacksonville August 2012

Hello! Hope you are all doing well & have survived Sandy, Nemo, Q & all the other rascals that've torn through lately! I've been a neglectful blogger, for sure. I'm on a bit of a performing hiatus, as well, taking gigs here and there, but not really doing the trio thing just now. We'll see what Spring/Summer have in store!

Meanwhile - I've a bus-load of mov & wav files to sort through and make somethin' out of. While poking through them today, I found an odd gig at Jazzland where only the first 3 songs were recorded - so I mastered them & they are up on the listen page.

In addition - the home page has been tidied up some, and since I'm "on vacation", there's a list of a bunch of the social networks where you can find me, if you so choose. I'm not often on Pinterest or Last Fm, but they're up there anyway - you never know. I'm always on Facebook - if you friend me, maybe message and introduce yourself - "Hi I like your band" or "Hey wassup - I stalk jazz musicians..." - whatever!

Just trying to keep it fun! Thanks for stopping by - Kenny

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