Sunday, January 18, 2015

Where in the world is...

L-R: John Pellegrino, Ray Guiser, KM, Steve Prince
Photo: Charlie Boyer, Jazz-Blues Florida

Just a brief hello to catch up here on the blog, and to announce some upcoming performances!

"Where Have U Been?" Well, I've been a bit choosey about performances lately, whether or not there's a piano, or at least a crowd that listens, what the parking is like haha. A few highlights from 2014 were the superb Winter Park Sidewalk Arts Festival (with Barry Smith and the late, great, dear person Don Waldrop), The New Smyrna Beach Jazz Festival (in the Ray Guiser Quartet, pictured) and our 2nd Jazz Vespers at St. Cyprians in St. Augustine (with John Pellegrino - bass and Ray Winer - drums). Also hit the new jazz club 727 here in Palm Coast, with delightful Linda Cole as well as the trio. That club has since hit hard times and pared down to duos and lower pay. Keep your fingers crossed!

2014 also saw the release of my 5th album in the electronic genre, under the moniker Seven Octaves. It is by far the jazziest electronic album I've done (and coincidentally, also the best!) If you think you might be interested in that - you can hear a few tracks over on my Soundcloud page; my remake of "Do You Wanna Dance" being the jazziest of the 3 that are currently posted there. Oh yeah - I sing a little on this one...

Coming up in 2015 - the trio has been invited back to this year's Winter Park Sidewalk Arts Festival; hands down the most professionally run festival I've been a part of. That's the weekend of March 20-22. Not sure which day/time we're doing, yet. Another highlight will be our appearance in the Romanza Festival in St. Augustine. That date is Monday May 11th at 7:00pm.

Yes, a new album is always in the back of my mind. Logistics and affordability are the key issues. I'm a 'where there's a will...' kinda guy as well as a believer in God's great benevolence... when the time is right it will happen. Hopefully soon! Special thanks to the radio stations & djs that continue to include me in their playlists.

Thank you for including me in your life's soundtrack. Happy New Year! - Kenny

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