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Track List & BPMs:

1. Hot Potato - 136 bpm
2. Press On - 109 bpm
3. The Real Me - 132 bpm
4. Forgiven - 126 bpm
5. Lone - 120 bpm
6. Beautiful Things - 98 bpm
7. Out of the Bluez - 128 bpm
8. High Places - 96 bpm
9. Slam - 144 bpm
10. I'm Falling - 91 bpm
11. Give It Unto You - 134 bpm
12. Good Foot - 125 bpm


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Encouragements - 2011
Nativity Set - 2010
Simple Work - 2008
Snow Frogs - 2006

some press:

"I don't know what this is"
- WRUV (Burlington, VT)

"Seven Octaves sounds like
old school video game tunes!"
- KUTE (Salt Lake City, UT)

"A very interesting electro album that spans a wide variety of sounds. It kind of makes me think of video game background music from 1996-2002. ...try out “Hot Potato” and definitely “Out of the Bluez.” It’s different, so be prepared."
- KMNR (Rolla, MO)

link to review at Chain D.L.K.
(3 and a half stars)


#1 RPM - CFRU (Guelph, ON)

#2 RPM - CKXU (Lethbridge, AB)

#5 RPM - CFBX (Kamloops, BC)

#7 RPM - CJSW (Calgary, AB)

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"The Real Me"


About Seven Octaves - Encouragements

This album has been in the works for over two years! Sessions began in April 2008, long before "Simple Work" was even released! The cd has 12 brand new tracks, including 2 vocal numbers (#3 & #10) and features an overall more sophisticated sound than previous releases along with deeper production and beefier, danceable beats.

(the album cover photo is not of the artist but is actually his older brother)




The Real Me

I looked in the mirror
Saw reflected someone I did not know.
He was a God fearer
Shining holiness he thought did not show.

You see the real me
Pulling my cloak farther over my head
And You reveal me
Hiding my candle flame under my bed
I know You know, I know You see
And You love the real me.

I've distorted my vision,
Seeing though intentionally out-of-focus eyes.
I see in my prison
A private open show You've made of my disguise.

I thank You Jesus,
You won't allow me to be swallowed in my charade.
Shout it from this housetop.
Redesign every mar in this vessel I've made.
I know You know, I know you see
And You love the real me.


I'm Falling

I've never known a love so rich a love so strong,
It motivates me it translates me all day long,
More present than my very blood it courses through,
I'm driving with an anxious heart and realize I yearn for you.

I'm falling, I'm falling;
I come home and fall,
I fall into your arms.

And lately I can feel the power of it's draw,
Lifting me up to heavenly places where You are,
Setting my face like flint unto Your holy day.
Below I leap from rock to rock and find
the Rock does not give way.

I'm falling, I'm falling;
I come home and fall,
I fall into your arms.

I've waded out into the river,
Felt it's reviving flow;
My feet still cling unto the bottom
Body swaying to and fro;
But there's nothing here worth holding on to -
Might as well let go.

And there are days I feel as though I might despair;
I look to You and find I haven't got a care.
You are the answer, You're the Source and You're the End.
You'll be my home when You end this one,
My ever-living friend.

I'm falling, I'm falling;
I come home and fall,
I fall into your arms.

Synths used:

There were about 65
synths used on this album.
Below is a list of the 16
with the most occurrences
in order of usage:

1. Cameleon* (37 occurrences)
Camel Audio

2. Alchemy (19 occurrences)
Camel Audio

3. RMP2 (10 occurrences)
Krakli Audio

4. USM (8 occurrences mostly choir)

5. Anubis (7 occurrences +
entire track of "Good Foot")
B. Serrano

6. Balthor Grand (piano)
Balthor (@KVR)

7. Chill (for many of the bass sounds)
Krakli Audio

8. Lallapallooza lite

9. Sputnik
GTG Synths

10. Drumz Akoustk
DSK Music

11. iLoSynth

12. MicroOrgan Mark III
GTG Synths

13. Alieno

14. Cygnus
Krakli Audio

15. Invader

16. tRaP Beta 3
Synth Plug

Some of the effects used often were:

Chunchessor Compressor
Pro AudioUnit and VST plugins

Ambience Reverb
Magnus @

Classic Delay
Kjaerhus Audio


*Cameleon is no longer available
but Alchemy has a sound library with
all the Cameleon sounds.

all content copyright 2010-2011 Seven Octaves