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With the continuous development of science and technology, intelligent product coverage to all parts of the society gradually, such as the traditional lock industry has gradually cannot satisfy the people to the pursuit of new things, we are targeting on smart locks, and smart compared with the traditional mechanical lock, lock in such aspects as safety, identification, management has more superior performance, intelligent is the inevitable trend of the locks.

At present, China's smart lock industry has formed six camps: professional smart lock camp, mobile phone camp, home appliances camp, security camp, Internet camp, traditional lock camp. Each big enterprise is active layout intelligent lock market. After all intelligent lock agent market whether in the smart home background in the rise of a new force? Still need time to witness!

The life of a lock is 10 years or so, look synthetically, every year at least those who have exceeded 50 million sets change lock demand. At present, there are still many old residential areas in the use of A level of lower security level mechanical locks, if the 50 million sets of lock demand, 50% of the families into intelligent locks, it is equivalent to the demand of 25 million sets per year, according to the 2000 yuan per set of people, it is equivalent to the annual market capacity of more than 50 billion yuan. Such a large market temptation, enough to attract the industry giants to actively participate in the market share.

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